For Professionals, for Patients, for Ongoing Support

KetoDietCalculator (KDC) was designed by and for nutritionists to develop personalized ketogenic diets, to enable their patients and clients to create their own meal plans within those diets, and to provide multiple benefits via its active, secure database.

Diet Calculation screen

Precise nutritional calculation for successful therapies

Personalize ketogenic diets by assuring the appropriate fat, protein and carbohydrate balance to achieve and sustain goal ketosis.


Select from a variety of diet ratios and number of meals to best fit your clientsʼ needs.

Easy calculations

View the calculations of the daily and per-meal macronutrient value for the best nutritional outcome.


Practical meal plans for clients

Translate macronutrient values into instant meal and snack recipes, adaptable to unlimited styles of diets, accounting for personal tastes, cultural preferences, food allergies and more.


Choose from a curated list of standard meal options and customize ingredients and quantities to meet your clientsʼ nutritional goals.

Easy to share

Grant access to your clients so they can co-design or create their own meals and snacks.

Meal Plan screen
Fluid Calculations icon
Fluid Calculations

Ensure sufficient fluids for the age and weight of your clients.

Supplements icon

Design specific profiles of supplements to support your clients' health

Medications icon

Identify and quantify the carbohydrate levels of medications.

Find Deep, Dynamic Database Support

The KDC database securely stores all of your client data and programs and provides continually updated, user-friendly support.

Unlimited clients

Add all of your clients to your database and the ability to hide inactive clients while preserving their data.

HIPAA Secured

Data resides on a dedicated server and is backed up every 15 minutes.


Stores and provides access to data points that are related to one another, such as date of birth and related protein requirement.


Downloadable support documents for professionals and their clients.

Help Line

Support forum for professionals with a search feature that reads over 7000 previously asked questions and responses.


Identifies and notifies users when a food, supplement or medication was added or updated.