Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about the KetoDietCalculator (KDC).

Subscriptions do not need to be renewed.
We will email important notices to you regarding updates or changes. It is important to update any change to your email address) in the Settings section within the application so that you receive these notices. We will not share your address with other companies or organizations.
We recommend that each medical center have only one login (username/password). All patients or clients whose diets are entered through that login are accessible to the professional(s) through that login. Note that patients and clients are provided with separate access to their diets.

If other departments in the same hospital, such as metabolic clinics, are managing patients on the ketogenic diet, it is appropriate to submit a separate subscription for that clinic. Similarly, if a pharmacist would like access to simply look up medications for their carbohydrate content, we will provide the pharmacist with a separate subscription.
To change your username, password, or email:
  • Select the "Account" dropdown menu, then "Settings"
  • Then select "Organization Settings"
  • Go to "Logins for Your Organization" and select "Edit"
  • Modify the user information and then "Save"
A licensed or registered dietitian or nutritionist must be the initial person who registers for the KDC. Once registered, he/she can create a Diet Calculation, then provide separate access for his/her clients to co-create ketogenic meals and snacks.
KDC was initially designed to manage precision ketogenic diets for people with epilepsy, but it has been used for a growing list of conditions including autism spectrum disorders, brain and other cancers, cognitive and mood disorders, diabetes, genetic metabolic disorders, migraine headache, polycystic ovarian syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
KDC creates meal plans in grams, which requires the patient or client to use a gram scale to weigh each food within a meal or snack.
KDC identifies the net carbohydrate, along with the fiber content of each food included in meals and snacks, and provides a sum of each.
KDC can be instantly translated using the Google Chrome platform. Simply select your desired language from the list of available languages.
The dietitian or nutritionist can add unlimited foods and formulas to their database. These items will only appear in their database for all their patients or clients, and will not appear in the master database.
The dietitian or nutritionist can add unlimited medications and supplements to their database. These items will only appear in their database for all their patients or clients, and will not appear in the master database.

Support our mission

Since 1996, KetoDietCalculator (KDC) has supported meal development for thousands of medical practitioners and diet recipients. Keto Diet Calculator is a free tool – thanks to The Charlie Foundation, which relies on your donations. Its ongoing mission is to champion Ketogenic Diet therapy for epilepsy, and provide up-to-date information regarding its expanded use and variations.